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Madras Unlimited – Architectural styles

For this once, no words. I hope the pictures speak.

— from Ari’s Darkroom(?)

— from Srini G(?)

— from Velachery Balu(?)

Dead Rats and Green Shawls

There was a dead rat, at our doorstep.

Not unnaturally, it raised an unholy stink throughout the whole apartment complex. I would have called it ‘compound’, but it isn’t fashionable to call it so. [Note: the rat reference is not an allusion to any event, past, present or current. It’s purpose will be explained much later, in the manner of great suspense novels/critical essays/contemporary literary works which leave everyone scratching their collective heads, et al]…

To get back to the rat.

Our neighbour is an extraordinarily conscientious person, and before I could even step outside, wondering about how best to remove the carcass, she’d thrown it out, dumped buckets of water over the veranda, and swept it all away briskly.

And that was when we heard trumpets blaring, loudspeakers yelling hoarsely all over the streets, and men calling out that we should “make sure that honest servants of society” are elected to office. Accompanied by MGR songs, of course.



Singapore Rex

As usual, I was off on a restaurant hunting spree and I ended up at this place. Singapore Rex. Well, what’s in a name. So let me not dissect why thy name. It was about half past eight in the evening, when we walked in. I was delighted. 2 reasons. I found parking. And a table free. In today’s Madras that itself is a rarity. The menu was pretty basic. We started off with the Chilli Golden Fried Baby Corn with Schezwan Sauce. Was indeed good. But really spicy. The corn was tender and batter fried, was succulently crispy (whatever that means). It had a sprinkling of chilli flakes over it, which I presumed added to it being really really spicy. I must mention at this point about the Chinese Tea, a really hot fragrant tea which is served on the house. For the main course we settled for the Fried Rice with Schezwan sauce accompanied with Tofu. The fried rice was too good. The rice cooked to perfection, a healthy mix of the right vegetables and chillies and served piping hot. I quite didn’t like the Tofu. They had some interesting items lined up in the dessert section. But we skipped desserts.

சென்னையும் செந்தமிழும்

ஊர்ப் பக்கத்துல இருந்து வந்தவங்களக் கண்டாலே இந்த மெட்ராஸ் பசங்களுக்கு ஒரு இளப்பம் தான். அதுவும் மதுரைக்கு அந்தப் பக்கம் இருந்து வந்தா போதும், ஒண்ணுமே தெரியாதவன மாதிரி தான் பேசுவாங்க. அதே மாதிரி தான் ஊர்ப் பசங்களும். ஏதாவது ஊர்க் கடைசியிலே இருக்க பொறியியல் கல்லூரில மாட்டீகிட்டீங்க, அவ்வளவு தான். மெட்ராஸ் பசங்கன்னாலே ராகிங்ல தனி கவனிப்பு.

92.7 anyone?

An hour ago, I was fiddling with my radio, which automatically makes pit stops at all available radio stations before getting to where I want it to go. So it is that I landed up hearing Big 92.7 FM, Chennai’s newest radio station and probably the biggest in terms of financial girth (or so say reports). Slowly hearing changed to listening as four successive tracks that I enjoy were played. Despite the slight noise in the tuning, I noticed that the audio quality was superior to a couple of other local stations. The RJ could actually speak good Tamil too.

While I shall reserve the stamping of good, bad, ugly until I listen some more, on first try, Big 92.7 does seem like a refreshing start. I did not feel that way about Radio City when it opened shop. Have you listened to 92.7 yet? What is your opinion?

PS: If you would like to voice opinions on Tamizh patru and other important topics that may not be directly connected to the post, please go here and be heard. Thanks.

Frequent power cuts in Triplicane

Over the last one month, power cuts have been frequent where I live in Triplicane. The building where I live on the Triplicane High Road has a three-phase power connection but lacks the facility to switch between phases. At least once a day, power goes off on the second floor, where my bedroom is even when there is power in the first floor. This can happen at any time during the day or night.

Six Degrees of Cinema

Going to the theatre is an experience. And a half.

For me, at least. As I don’t go that often and whenever I do, it’s always a huge song and dance, involving a good deal of preparation, much checking of times and dates, whom to go with (!) – always my mother, sometimes my friends – and it had to be during the day, as getting an auto is always a hassle once it’s past 6 in the evening. [What is Rs 25 at five o’clock, becomes Rs 50 three hours later. Horrors!] Which means it nearly always has to be either 12 or 3 in the afternoon.

Believe you me, it’s no joke.

Sathyam makes it a pleasure to watch movies, though. Especially now, since the online reservation system’s working like a charm.

The politics of a disease

Many persons I know have come down with chikungunya for as less as three days up to a couple of weeks. The disease is accompanied by fever and severe and sometimes crippling ache in the joints.
Doctors where I live in Triplicane say that they don’t record patients coming down with chikugunya. They have a pretty simple reason: they don’t know how to properly identify the disease. They recognize the symptoms and prescribe the medicine.

Chennai’s First Tattoo Studio

I keep passing by this tattoo studio everyday on my work to office. It’s on College road. Was nice reading about it in today’s Economic Times.

A smart perk

If you have been to the Copper Chimney restaurant after its renovation, this is probably old news. If you haven’t, read on.

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