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Although Chennai has been equally at the forefront of the IT revolution, this fact is oblivious to the media folks who unfailingly omit to mention its pre-eminence in this area from as early as the 80s (TCS established itself firmly in the city during those days when IT meant only one thing and it wasn’t Information Technology). As one government official put it when doing a presentation on the tourism potential of the South, Tamilnadu has always been a silent performer and this is true for its capital too. In spite of this lack of appreciation or acknowledgement, the city has forged ahead and earned many firsts to its credit. Regular readers of this blog may be aware of some of those achievements thru the many posts that my fine colleagues have contributed here and I don’t plan to elaborate on them.

This one is about the Tamil Virtual University that, while being a distance education component of the Tamil University at Thanjavur, is based in Chennai. Its Vision document says:

The Tamil Virtual University aims at providing Internet based resources and opportunities for the Tamil Communities living in different parts of the globe as well as others interested in learning Tamil and acquiring knowledge of the history, art, literature and culture of the Tamils.

So, if you are a Tamilian who professes ignorance of your mother-tongue, help is “virtually” at hand. No more excuses for discovering a treasure trove of what has been described by the poets as a language that is sweet and beautiful thus:

“யாம் அறிந்த மொழிகளிலே தமிழ் மொழி போல் இனிதாவதெங்கும் காணோம்”

“அமுதே தமிழே அழகிய மொழியே எனதுயிரே
குழலிசை தரும் தமிழ் பா
உருகும் கவிதைகள் தா
தமிழே நாளும் நீ பாடு”

But these are old reasons to learn Thamizh. Here is a good reason to be a Thamizh poetess like Tha(a)marai.

“பார்த்த முதல் நாளே
உன்னைப் பார்த்த முதல் நாளே
காட்சி பிழை போலே
உணர்ந்தேன் காட்சி பிழை போலே

ஓர் அலையாய் வந்து எனை அடித்தாய்
கடலாய் மாறி பின் எனை இழுத்தாய்
என் பதாகை தாங்கிய உன் முகம் உன் முகம்
என்றும் மறையாதே”.

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  1. jillu (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 8:15 am

    TVU yerkanave paarthathuthaan. Nalla Thamizh Chevai (2) :-)

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