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Cops, New measures and Traffic violations

One of the most common violations in traffic offences is jumping signals, it gets even worse when there is a cop trying to regulate traffic without the aid of a signal. Drivers can easily notice the lack of order from a mile away. This means just to cross the junction, they increase their speed to make it past the signal. Its in such instances that a lone cop trying to restore order and sanity, and find it hard since motorists don’t notice them. Its really hard to notice a 160cm man, standing in some corner, holding a stop sign, or raising his hand from 400 meters away, especially when there are half a dozen vehicles ahead of you. If drivers jump signals under such circumstances, its understandable to some extent, it still is wrong and unpardonable to people like David, but then I would understand their plight, but cutting a signal when the new neon lights are functioning is unpardonable.
374977549_dc6215aac4_b.jpg (Pic taken without the prior consent of Keerthivasan)

Delays in rendering medical assistance can cost lives

You have heard the emergency siren while on the roads.
Ambulance - Emergency services

911 services

911 emergency services
How do we react to the siren?

These photos are from the game Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas. The photos are taken intentionally. You must have even seen the Ambulance driver trying to seek a way, and driving the vehicle just like the one on this game.

Mardi gras aka Saarang 2007!!!

I still prefer to call it the Mardi Gras. There was something magical in that name. It was a phenomenon. Not that Saarang is not. Well for those of you who are wondering what is all this about, we are talking about the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras). It was conceived a good thirty years ago as Mardi Gras and is one of the biggest and the best inter-collegiate cutural festivals in the country. It draws over 50,000 students from across and the the normally quiet IIT Madras campus buzzes with activity during this time of the year. For once, you could actually see more people than deers on your drive uptil Gajendra Circle. There are a whole host of events from ADZAP to quizees to western electric to word games. But Saarang is more famous for its pro-shows than anything else. From MS Subbulakshmi to Zakir Hussain, from Euriah Heep to Led Zepplica the OAT (Open Air Theatre) has seen it all. Not to forget our very own Moksha, Parikrama, Orange Street and the likes.

Catchflix – India’s Netflix alternative

A couple of days ago, my sister-in-law, on a visit home from Bangalore, was mentioning to me a list of all the movies that she had seen recently. Since I am given to sudden spates of movie watching followed by several months of lethargy to go to a movie rental and borrow, I was profuse in my appreciation of her enthusiasm. She started laughing as I piled on the adjectives and added, “Hey, it is all catchflixed. You think I’ll go to a rental weekly and actually borrow all that?”

Zyng – been there yet?

It was a Friday evening. I had just stepped out of IIT Madras. I couldn’t stand Sukhwinder Singh at Saarang and so was heading straight home. Just then a friend called and wanted to catch up for dinner. He was at the City Centre and I went straight there. Managed to find some parking with great difficulty and we headed to the Food Court. It was worse than a fish market. The place was jam-packed and forget finding a table, there wasn’t any place to even stand. We came down one floor and thats when ‘Zyng’ hit me. It was an Oriental restaurant, looked hip and was semi-full. We decided to step in. The furniture was minimalistic but classy. The decor simple and the place fairly soft and quiet. A charming young man greeted us and led us to the table and handed over the menu. And for the next 15 minutes I was staring at it completely shell-shocked. No it wasn’t the prices that shocked me. The names of the dishes were soooo Chinese I couldn’t make head or tail of them. The Chinese that we are used to is Schezwan Fried Rice, Chicken Manchurian and the likes and I was wondering as to what kind of Chinese restaurant was Zyng without these standard ones.

Choosing Multimedia as a Career

Multimedia Career
Couple of students and friends have asked me where and which is the right place for a Multimedia course.

Honest opinion: It depends on the person who wants to learn, and needs great amount of time and effort.
Nothing is impossible, true. But working with passion is much more important, that is, you should love the work which you are currently doing or like to do in future.

The next question which comes to my mind is, Does the person know what multimedia is. If so, Are they quite interested in choosing that as their career.

I will explain more in detail, if you are parent/friend/mentor and you are likely to influence any one in the near future. Continue reading.

Sachin and Chennai – definitely some chemistry

Yes, we lost the ODI to Brian Lara’s bunch last night, but the highlight of the game was the little master’s decent return to form with a half-century. Somehow Sachin clicks in Chennai as he considers it a favorite pitch and this time he also took the blessings of Sai Baba who is camping here, to be more confident before he went out into the field. Overall, the Chennai crowd would not have been disappointed as there were good performances from both sides and they must have felt they got their money’s worth. Chepauk has seen the best of matches, be it the unconventional batting approach that the “previous” little master, Sunny Gavaskar took against the fiery Malcolm Marshall after seeing fellow opening batsman Krish Srikkanth make mincemeat of the West Indian bowling or when the likes of G.R. Viswanath and Yashpal Sharma put up a partnership of over 300 runs in a Chennai test match in the early 80s. Truly Chennai is one of the best cricketing cities and Tamilnadu continues its tradition of producing a litany of cricket stars in every generation. It is also that Chennai sends out positive vibrations to some cricketers. Just ask Sachin :-).

Hot soup anyone?

Of late we’ve been noticing these kiosks in a number of places in the city, dispensing hot soup for the hungry, or those looking for a healthy snack while shopping. The first place we came across one was in Besant Nagar, close to Spencers Daily while shopping. This time we found one on the OMR, close to all the fruit stalls at the turn off to the link road to the ECR. Both well located to cater to shoppers looking for a light something before heading home to a meal.


Chennai in photos, #2

Some photos that have gone through the Metroblogging Chennai Flickr group. You’ll agree, these are some brilliant images.

— from nathan g(?)

Revised auto fares and how to ensure they are followed

The revised auto fares came into effect yesterday, Auto drivers, of course, neglected to mention that to their passengers, and continued to negotiate fares far in excess of what it should have been. The police are distributing fare cards to auto drivers in the mean while, which probably won’t mean much as they will not be used if they can help it.What can we do about it as citizens?

After all, we’ve been, literally and otherwise, taken for a ride by auto drivers who have, through their collective boorish behavior, bullied people into paying large amounts of money for short distances. (The administration is also to blame for not revising the fares for ten years despite fuel price hikes. However, I do remember auto drivers behaving this way from more than ten years ago). The only way to ensure that this time there is a change in behavior is for all auto users to take a collective stand.

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