US theatre group to stage play in Chennai

SEEDS AND FLOWERS will be staged in Chennai by a Bay Area theatre group on July 7.
Venue: Music Academy
Time 7.30pm
For tickets call DV Ramana on 93400 30933.

SYNOPSIS of SEEDS AND FLOWERS as sent to me by the director

It’s a story about Indian immigrants in US who have made it big and who have not. It’s a story about how women find identity for themselves in a new world and pursue their passion.

Seeds and Flowers is set in Bay Area and the theme comes to life through these powerful characters.

Raj and Priya – Raj, the breadwinner and Priya the homemaker struggle to decide between staying in the Bay Area and relocating to India. Raj has had 3 layoffs after moving to the US and is very skeptical about anything new. At least once a day they decide to move to India only to decide against it a little later.

Jay and Charu – Jay, the successful senior-executive in a technology company and his wife Charu. Charu has money but wants Jay to spend more time with her. But Jay has a different idea, as he believes that he can always find time to spend with the family but what is more important right now is being successful.

Kari – the egomaniacal Founder / CEO of a technology company who believes that everybody has a purpose in life, – that is to help him become successful.

The story is set in motion when Kari decides to do a M&A as an ego-trip and drives Jay to close it, which impacts Raj who is now laid off for the 4th time.

Charu, separates from Jay, while Jay is getting ready to travel to close the M&A.

Priya and Charu rise above their challenges and join forces to find their passion.

The play ends with a thought for the viewers, when Jay says – What I thought as success and what you thought as failure, has brought us to the same place… So which one is right???

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