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Buffet at the Accord Metropolitan

I’m a big fan of buffets. The idea of being able to sample a wide variety of dishes is a source of great amusement to my tummy. And in the quest of such fun and games, I landed up at the Accord Metropolitan last week for dinner and homed in on the ground floor restaurant.

As expected (for Rs. 550 per head, I’d expect nothing less), the food was excellent. Absolute ticklers as far as my taste buds were concerned. It wasn’t the widest spread I’d had on my plate, but what was out there was very soon in here (pointing to my tummy).

That however wasn’t the high point of the evening. I beg to draw your attention to what is popularly known as ‘service’ by the hotel industry. It was outstanding at the Accord. In fact the best I’ve seen in my 14 months in Chennai.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what role service plays in a buffet. Well it’s a pleasant surprise, and I’m not going to deny you that.

Hotel Sapthagiri – Value for money

For those of you who want an instant association to hotel Spathagiri here it goes – these people own the Brilliant Tutorials Kai Yendhi Bhavan. Rather ironical that the road-side eatery of theirs is more popular than the parent. I happened to visit this hotel which is off Masilamani Street in T Nagar, just about 100 meters from the Kai Yendhi Bhavan. And I must say it is true value for money. The hotel is a simple no-nonsense hotel spread over 2 floors – ground and first floor. Plastic chairs are what is seen and the walls are anywhere between half clean and dirty. They serve ala carte in the ground floor (namma ooru tiffin) and meals in the first floor. Since I went at about 1pm I decided to have the meals. I picked up a token, all of Rs. 21 and walked up through the narrow 1970’s staircase.

Jana Krishnamurthy cremated

The mortal remains of Jana Krishnamurthy, the well known BJP leader, were consigned to flamesat the Besant Nagar crematorium today. If any of our readers ever met him or can put together a decent obituary, I will be glad to put that up as a post here. Please email me your experience of meeting the leader or an obit to

Toll Gate, Meals, and Mini Meals

I have been recently travelling till Toll Gate on a daily basis. I spend my days there. The RBI subway is a cut off point, after that the city changes. Beyond that, Chennai feels like a small town. Since I have been spending my days in Toll Gate, I have been forced to have lunch there.

Being a vegetarian, the numerous biryani shops are out of bounds for me. The area, especially Thiruvathiyur high road is filled with numerous restaurants which claim to serve “High-Class Non Vegetarian” or else Biryani. In other parts of the city, there are a few shops which specialise in biryani, but here almost all shops specialise in non vegetarian food.

Ganapathy Immersion at Chennai

Vinayagar Idols were immersed in the sea off Chennai coast yesterday at six designated spots on Sunday reports The Hindu I captured some images of the Ganapathy Immersion at Thiruvanmiyur Beach and here are some of the images.

Ganapathy Immersion - Chennai

Vinayagar arriving at the Thiruvanmiyur Beach

DMK workers attack BJP office

Scores of alleged DMK workers attacked the state headquarters of the BJP during a protest against the reported fatwa issued by former BJP MP Vedanti against chief minister M.Karunanidhi for his remarks against Lord Ram. 15 BJP party functionaries, including state general secretary Ms. Tamizhisai Sounderajan, were injured in the attack.

The Rama Sethu controversy simply refuses to die a quiet death.

Meanwhile, Vedanti has said he never issued the fatwa. He blamed the media for twisting his remarks.

More news here and here.

Greener on the other side

Every year, come graduation day, a good percentage the city’s brightest talent decides that they must henceforth shine in the land of George W Bush. We call it brain drain. I do not have a definite answer to what the Americans might label the exodus from Indian shores, but I believe it’s close to “the suckers who pucker up”.

Today’s Hindu has an article that examines both sides of the fence. It might do you good to give it a run through, especially if you’re perched on the picket.

Click here to read.

‘Morals’ and the city

Recently the police actually deemed it OK for couples to spend time together in public as long as they behave ‘decently’. A local actress speaks about pre-marital sex being OK and evokes a storm of protest, including a court case. In most other cities, married couples feel comfortable being affectionate with each other in public, but that’s a no-no in Chennai. What gives? The most ridiculous form of hypocrisy, I suspect. Consider this: This is the city whose chief minister has two wives; where many wealthy business people have a ‘chinna veedu’; where the most amount of extra-marital sex takes place according to national research by a leading magazine; and whose citizens behave very differently when in foreign countries. So why do we hold on to so called ‘morals’ which, in fact, actually detract from a healthy relationship between young men and women in most schools and colleges? When will this self imposed restriction end?

Dental health and socio-economic strata

It has been observed that the higher socio-economic strata generally are in better health because they can afford to buy and consume food of all kinds. So it was interesting to find something that was contrary to this. A group of prominent doctors recently concluded a health camp for students of an employment skills program being conducted by one of the prominent IT services companies in Chennai as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. These students are mostly those who have studied up to the tenth standard, whose parents cannot afford to send them for further studies. So they are from the lower socio-economic strata. The doctors found, to their astonishment, that though their general levels of health and nutrition was low, their teeth and gums were in very good shape! The reason? No colas, chocolates, ice creams and sugary snacks. Their parents simply cannot afford these, leave alone three square meals. Food for thought, isn’t it? Remember this the next time you’re tempted to get these things for your kids or for yourself.

More news on kidney scam

A recent story on Wired sheds more light on the kidney scam and how people in tsunami camps and settlements are being exploited by organ racketeers. It’s a pity that the poor are continued to be exploited because not enough people come forward to donate organs. If organs could be more easily transplanted from cadavers, and more number of people came forward to help do this, then the illegal organ trade could die a natural death.

The story is a bit old. Anantha, a well known blogger, brought the Wired story to my attention only today.

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