Budget and Making fools of Everyone

The useless Union Budgeting exercising has once again placated M Karunanidhi’s ego. Once again it has shown tokenism towards Chennai. Yes Chennai has been allocated Rs 300 crores towards a desalination plant.

This is once again a mere number. If I am not wrong, a few years back the number was as high as Rs 1000 crores. And now an additional Rs 300 crores. But what happens to the money? Well Since our local government shows no desire to complete the project it goes back to the coffers of the central government at the end of the fiscal. Its like the system used by private companies to disguise their profits. They consistently keep aside money for various expenses which wont arise, and that is written off as an expense depressing their profits. The desalination plant near Chennai is one such provision for Mr P Chidambaram.

This brilliant system works fine for everyone concerned, MK and PC, but not so for Chennai. MK can claim that he has coerced, armtwisted, bullied PC into allocating money for the plant, while PC can gloat over his magnanimity in allocating money. Since only allocations matter both benefit from electoral gains, but the plant does not progress. And of course the voters in Chennai are utter fools to be swayed by the spin machines of these two jokers and vote based on it. Yes, this clearly shows its an election budget.

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  1. Dravidan (unregistered) on March 1st, 2008 @ 7:54 am

    Dear writers’ here,
    Why is there so much of hatred amongst you on MK and PC. Is it because they represent the majority Dravidians in Tamilnadu and you so happen to be a guy with a stinking thread? If you really care about people and political parties why can’t you write about your Brahmin supported LOK PARITRAIN (NAri TRAIN) which went dug a hole a and went underground for ever???????? Any bells ringing! Majority of the people have voted for these guys however bad they might be, are peoples representatives. So try respecting each other man. Instead of fighting like mad people and calling yourself a fool. If you really want him out of the seat talk about other options in Tamilnadu today for a better political party to come into power instead of calling the budget as a useless exercise. When your mom gave birth to idiots like you she never thought you would be this useless!!!! Ranting anti Dravidian slogans… I say this after reading many of the other writer’s articles here as well, which are satirically pointing to anti Dravidian feelings. You my friend are in a India and within a Dravidian land next, show some respect for your fellow citizens. Try to look beyond things and look at solutions rather than making an existing problem a full blown one. Read other metroblogs where the contributions are from all folks from all societies and not confined to only the Brahmin caste. BTW I am not from Chennai but happen to be a proud Indian for whatever little things I have which makes me happy!

  2. parthasarathy (unregistered) on March 1st, 2008 @ 8:49 am

    I agree with the author here on many aspects. The financial juggling is meant to set up coffers, where money can be safely parked, for picking up by the corrupt politicians later. One such ‘safe-haven’ that comes to mind is the ‘AIDS cell’, which depends on massive hype.

    This money is what Indian elections are fought for.

    One other thing I read about, was the curious nature of giving ‘tax-incentives’ which are always for the female. In the changed scenario, where females are getting BETTER employment, and where due to seperation and divorce, more and more men are landed with looking after the family, and where the male income is used seriously for the family, while the married females is ‘additional’, should nt there be EQUALITY here?

    The other curiousity, divorced Renuka, has ‘OK ayed’ the budget as ‘gender sensitive’, probably a hangover from her days of ruling ( and later ruining ) her own family personally. She has been a vociferous anti-MALE minister, making one wonder what wrong she sees in all males!

  3. chennairamblings (unregistered) on March 1st, 2008 @ 9:43 am

    This was always expected to be a poll budget.
    I rather like the fact that the author has brought to the notice of the readers that the unused amount is returned to the coffers at the end of the fiscal year.
    Well, the more the number of people who use the RTI act, the better will be the information available on what actually happens with the amount allocated.
    As for "divorced Renuka", she is also well-known in many circles as an intellectual whose views are to be respected, so maybe we leave the adjective out instead of adding that as an insult.
    P.S. Partha, there are views of other experts out there that people can refer to instead of just that of the "feminist junta", heh.

  4. parthasarathy (unregistered) on March 1st, 2008 @ 10:04 am

    I do not believe that anyone who thinks (and plots successfully ) against half of the human race can be a TRUE leader of the ‘masses’.

    Fact : She is divorced and she has legally abused her two sons-in-law.
    Opinion : She is a scorned female seeking revenge, by encouraging feministvadism.
    As for ‘intellectual’, that is your opinion, and perhaps even Hitler might qualify in the eyes of some.

    That she discussed the budget with PC before its finalisation, only shows the ‘woman’ power that she wields ( probably encouraged by Sonia, herself a feminist ), in the Union Cabinet.

    There is now 50% discount for females above 60 on trains! Are they all somehow disabled in some sort of way by being a female? Do old males somehow have to have ‘more’ disability to qualify as ‘equal to a just-as-old female’? Internationally, males die younger too. And I have nt heard of absurd measures like these internationally.

    Much as ridiculous these measures are, it shows how close we are to EELCTIONS, and how much these parties are craving for FEMINIST VOTES.

    The lesson here is, unless males group together too, they can get prepared to be run all over.

  5. Nilu (unregistered) on March 1st, 2008 @ 1:53 pm

    Chandru, make this Parthasarathy person a contributor. He’s funny type.

  6. parthasarathy (unregistered) on March 1st, 2008 @ 8:51 pm

    The key thing that becomes obvious in this budget, is the Emergence of the ‘anti- male’ in Indian Politics

    Enhanced tax slabs for females is not in consonance with the fact that more females ( 63% ) appointed in BPOs are females. 80% of the appointees to all jobs in the EU since 2000 are female! On top of the difficulty in finding a job in the 21st century, the male uses the money for the family, unlike the female whose income is ‘additional’.

    There is now 50% discount for females above 60 on trains! Are they all somehow disabled in some sort of way by being a female? Do old males somehow have to have ‘more’ disability to qualify as ‘equal to a just-as-old female’? Internationally, males die younger too. And I have nt heard of absurd measures like these internationally.

    That Renuka discussed the budget with the Finance Minister before its finalisation, while other cabinet colleagues could not, only shows the ‘woman’ power that she wields ( probably encouraged by Sonia, herself a feminist ), in the Union Cabinet.

    This comes on top of the Congressi feminist laws against Indian sons-in-law!
    While all Indian parties are competing for female votes, the ones to suffer their loss of dignity, all in the guise of ‘equality’, will be males.

    Males need to be aware of this casteism in the making. Unless they group together for their own sake, they can expect to be run all over.

  7. NAMS (unregistered) on March 2nd, 2008 @ 5:50 pm

    1000 crores was announced way back in 2004 budget. But the then ADMK govt didnt even care abt that and the project was just in papers as usual.
    Any announcement in budget will not immediately put the money to state govt…or the coffers..
    the author should know this.
    However, if i were correct, M.K.Stalin recently submitted the DPR to MK and eventually it was submitted to union govt one month back..
    So, PC has announced 300 crores for this project now.
    It shud be the first phase of money release.
    Without knowing anything or trying to know anything, one shud not blatantly curse any one.
    This applied to anyone.
    Moreover, since JJ has done Veeranam for chennai, the present DMK is having this water desalination project as its prestige issue…
    and to remind u…its not a simple plant to build in a overnight….it has to produce 100 mlts of water and recycle 170 mlts of water every day.
    Know the facts before making a point blindly.

  8. anantha on March 3rd, 2008 @ 11:58 pm

    I agree with Nilu. You guys should invite Parthasarathy on board to give the anti-feminazi slant on every post. And someone should re-write Godwin’s law to include a India (or Renuka Choudhary) specific corollary so that we can explain the Renuka Choudhary and feminism connection to everything that happens in India, be it Manmohan Singh’s piles complaint or my own stomach ulcer.

    And may be 10 years from now, someone will have enough material write a Chuck Norris Facts type book about Renuka Choudhary.

    Also someone please post a note on top of the main homepage reminding me never to come into the comment section here? I don’t want any adverse opinions cloud my measure of Renuka Choudhary as the "Bharatiya Naari No. 1".

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