Cleaning up Chennai?

Is Chennai going the Singapore way? Naaah.. I don’t think so. It certainly doesn’t seem so from this penalty chart that the government has released!! While on the topic, I wonder what happened to the ‘other’ cleanup plans we have seen in the past? Remember the City cleanup proposal by Neel Metal Fanalca? or the port cleanup activity? or the river cleanup plan? or the innovative coastal cleanup competition? Anyway.. let’s not do a postmortem, and be as hopeful as before and believe that there is always a miracle waiting to happen that would solve all our country’s problems….

Corporation Council approved rules and regulations

CHENNAI: The Corporation Council on Thursday approved rules setting down penalties for littering, spitting, bathing or urinating in public, besides fines for improper disposal of garbage or feeding animals in locations other than those set aside for such activity.

Heres a summarization of the news:

  1. New rules and penalties in place for littering, spitting, bathing or urinating in public, besides fines for improper disposal of garbage or feeding animals in locations other than those set aside for such activity.
  2. Those not segregating garbage can also be fined.
  3. An intensive awareness campaign would be undertaken in February and March.
  4. Once the system was running, the local body would take steps to reduce the number of public dustbins.
  5. Effective from April 1.

We were discussing this over coffee today at my office and as usual like with any other discussion on anything on the topics of chennai, improvement, hope, government etc., the discussion soon evolved into hot debate!!! A few interesting points did come up and here they are….

  • Some felt that the city’s infrastructure isn’t enough to take in these kind of laws.
  • We need more public toilets/lavatories before enforcing the rule on public urination etc.
  • We do not have enough dustbins on the streets to ensure that people do not throw garbage on the streets.
  • We still do not have a really effective system to collect bio-degradable and non bio-degradable garbage from homes and offices.
  • Either we should have more spittoons in the city or ban chewing tobacco.
  • And more importantly I wonder how the authorities are going to impose this law on animals (specifically cattle and dogs) that have a free-roaming license in the city.

Should be interesting to watch the city authorities trying to impose these… Nevertheless, its a really good initiative. Atleast some people in the government are actually thinking of improving the city.

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  1. techcity on March 11th, 2008 @ 5:30 pm

    It it not possible to implement the law in all areas of chennai.
    They have to grade the area according to the facilities available,like number of public toilets,dustbins and status of people,type of buildings, etc,
    For example, Anna salai, Anna Nagar, etc.

    We can not control slum areas.They need badly more public toilets.

    Anyway it is good initiative.But proper facilities should be done.

  2. pawankadari on March 24th, 2008 @ 4:13 pm


    I see most of the cities across India in the same situation. I have seen Andhra Pradesh government trying to implement such laws during Chandra Babu Naidu regime, but that never saw the light of the day.

    From what I understand, the reasons why such laws are never implemented properly are-

    1. There is no awareness amongst the citizens about the importance of such laws. Citizens are the one who follow or break such laws. So, firstly, they should be educated.
    2. Government should make a sincere and stern attempt to implement such laws. They should not be made just to exist in the books of law.
    3. The infrastructure needed to police such laws are not in place in India, which makes implementation of such laws unvivable or impractical.

    But, even if such laws are there or not, we can make a difference by doing our part by not throwing the filth anywhere or everywhere.


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