City defers move to fine hygiene offenders

The Chennai Corporation recently announced that it would not fine those indiscriminately dumping garbage in the streets at least until July 1. Earlier the fines were to be imposed from April 1 to act as a deterrent for people from dumping garbage not just on the street but possibly from each other’s backyards as well.

Most people would have it that we are a lazy people. We don’t take out our garbage. Neither do we segregate it. Well, for that matter neither does the corporation. My college thesis was on how the city was dumping garbage without segregating in one of its dumps on the outskirts.

The only fear I had when the fines were announced were over whether they would be implemented properly. What do you think? Would you not spit on the road if you were compelled to pay fines? (That rule is not yet in). Do you think you rather live in unclean streets rather than trusting this city corporation?

The official reason for the delay is that the corporation needs time to build some 100 public toilets and and buy compactors to remove garbage before bringing in the fine regime.

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  1. dilip on March 18th, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

    Shit wont happen here. Anybody remembers ban of smoking in public places. I mean if you have the power you can pee on the cops car like a dog on the road and they will wipe it clean with their hand kerchief and salute adchify for you.

    Unless and until some high handed dude gets arrested, fined and jailed i’m never gonna believe all this "puli varudhu" stunt by the government.

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