Major fire in Saravana Stores, Ranganathan Street, T.nagar

Sep 1st was good to many as salary got credited and it’s a day when everyone who get’s paid for their hard end money. But things din’t go well for T.Nagar giant “Saravana Stores”. This morning was usal business for Ranganathan St but then suddenly people and workers in Saravana stores started screaming and running for the lives at 9.00AM as there was a major fire break inside the store.  Fire service was informed immediately and swiftly make it to the begning of the steet. They could not enter the street as it was too narro and top of it the newly constructed bridge has been a major barricate and restricted the movemts inside the street. Some saw that there are three people struck inside the building and they are trying to get them out. This horrifying incident is captures live in media channels like Jaya and Sun and shown live.

I saw the news scroll in Jaya tv at 9.00Am today and also huge gusted flames to a height of 100 ft on air. Which everyone who are around 1-4 kms away can see. I saw the dark smoke on my way to office at Saidapet bridge. I couldn’t take any pics as there was huge traffic.  One of my uncle is working for Metro waters near T.nagar and he was asked to supply 10-12 lorries of water tanker lorries for rescue. Since there are lots of plastic stuff inside the shop it’s been heard that the fire is caught on other shops aswell. I hope everybody makes their way safe and sound and there shouldn’t be casualities. As of now, the cause for the fire is a short circuit on the switches.

FYi, I heard that after the departure of the legendry owner there are lots of disputed in the family and they have split.

Latest: It is been told that nearly 20 people have got trapped inside the building

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  1. dilip on September 1st, 2008 @ 3:09 pm

    My major concern is does saravana stores have adequate fire exit facilities and training for their employees to act in the case of a fire or a disaster like an earthquake. We IT folks get routine drills in our offices faking this stuff, so at least we know what th rendezvous point is. I guess we need to be glad we had this fire at 6.10 AM and not at 6.10 PM.

  2. praddy on September 1st, 2008 @ 9:30 pm

    I always used to wonder if T.Nagar is prepared for emergencies!

    I hope the 20 ppl make it safely outside.

  3. 0degree on September 1st, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

    Good to hear that there is no casualities. Anyway, if it happens also there is no adequate means to take necessary steps immediately. IT is hard to picturize the fire in that building (for that matter, the road itself).
    Thank god, that it didn’t happen by evening.

  4. silanthimanithan on September 4th, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

    Well, please build more fly-overs to solve this problem.

    Saravanaa Stores Owner should had requested the honorable Minister(Dalapathi) for Local Administration to have a trumpet flyover built at the intersection of Usman Road and Ranganathan Street. The great leader would have then in all his graciousness accepted the request and decided to "gift" the people of Chennai a fly-over at the mentioned place.

    This would have helped the fire-engines to reach the 5th floor of saravanaa stores directly thereby avoiding all the curious onlookers that have never seen a big fire before in their lives and want to be appear on the 9PM Kalaignar TV News looking at and admiring the fire.

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