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The Savera disaster aftermath

On New Year’s Eve, as the city celebrated a tragedy was unfolding at the Savera, a pretty old hotel in the city. Three persons, including two engineering students, dancing over a newly erected stage fell into a swimming pool below and died. While one of them, Sumit Agnihotri, 24, died immediately, two more Anand Sridharan and his cousin Ramya died later at Apollo Hospitals.

What to do when it’s winter

Does Chennai actually have a winter? I often tell myself that there only two kinds of weather here: the summer, which is infamously hot in Chennai, and the monsoon, when we bring out our raincoats and get ready for the roads to get flooded. But contrary to my view, there is a winter as this December proves. (Just goes to show what an ignoramus I really am!) Temperatures have really dipped in recent days. Go for a drive on a motorbike at midnight and you know how chilly it is.

Bitter sweet symphony

A tea shop near the Valluvar Kottam bus stop

The teakadai at Saidapet looks spooky at night. At 2 a.m., this is the only shop of any kind that’s open in the area. All the rest on Anna Salai are closed. This teashop is easy to locate: it’s bang opposite the Saidapet bus stand (not bus stop because it’s far too big). The tea itself isn’t so great. But on a rainy night like yesterday, when I had the black spray of the rain on my face, the warm liquid tastes like elixir. Along with the cup cakes that look old but tasted yummy, tea drinking quickly became an experience to relish.

Marathoner friendly

Two years back during those early morning (3:45 am types) marathon practices that I used to go for, I was always holding on to my life. Though Chennai lacks a night life, the stray dogs here don’t. Given to me, I think they only have night life. A very scary one. I could never imagine running inside the city without stray dogs chasing me. Every time I spotted a pack of dogs in a street, I would take a break, a new route and curse under my lips.

The other option was to run on a national highway, which thankfully wasn’t haunted by stray dogs, like the ECR. But then again, the lorry drivers and bus drivers wouldn’t stop to take a second look at your dead body after they have run over you. Times were certainly difficult for us, marathoners, then.

Light art

Light art

Festival time in Chennai sees the lighting houses bring out every bulb they have to showcase their creativity. It looks pretty impressive against the night sky.

Pubbing in Chennai – High Time at GRT

If you’re familiar with the Hotel GRT in T Nagar, the same might also be said about its pub, High Time. Recently the pub was renovated. Last night I stopped by with friends for a sip of chilled lager, and here’s what I came away with.

New interiors with very comfortable seating. Two new levels including a basement discotheque. Large screen. And a drastic change from the elevator music that used to play there.

The service was excellent. The waiters, colorfully dressed – last night they were in shocking pink shirts and black suits. The beer, super chilled. You could say the house had done everything to make sure there was nothing to complain about.

At 11, the lights brightened to signal ‘last order time’. I looked around, and saw something I hadn’t noticed before. We were apparently at what distinctly looked like a stag party. There wasn’t a single woman in the pub if you gave our table a miss. And the only appetizing legs at any table had onion rings around them. Tangri kababs.

Honest opinion? It’s a great pub. They don’t look at your footwear when you walk in. They don’t send you upstairs if you’re unaccompanied. They only welcome you in and ensure you have a good time. I did.

On a lighter note, here’s something that happened earlier in the evening while we were waiting for a table. A guy comes up to me and says, “Haven’t we met before?” Haven’t you heard that before?

The Roof Top Film Festival

rtff.jpgThe April edition of the The Roof Top Film Festival (rttf), organised by a few young film buffs in the city, will take place, probably, on the 21st. The rttf, which is modeled on similar events abroad, is an attempt by those taking part to watch good and rarely seen films as a community and discuss them through the night. You can chip in with, among other things, the choice of movie you want to see, or help out by providing a roof.

Here’s how you do it. The festival has a wiki. It’s here. Once you go to the wiki page, the rest should be self explanatory. This month, the theme would be ‘Actors who became Directors’. Works of actors making early attempts at direction will be showcased.

Already, three movies have been shortlisted. All The Pretty Horses, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and Good Night, and Good Luck.

Though, the listed three are Hollywood movies, there is no restriction in language. You can suggest the remaining two movie by using the wiki. We would also like to showcase local talent. If you have a movie or documentary to show, please bring it with you on a DVD or VCD.
In March, the theme was first movies. Ashwin has already blogged about it here at Metblogs.

A word of caution: Do keep an eye on that wiki. The date is tentative, and we are still searching for a roof. Do let us know in the comments section if you have one.

Cocktails to savour

Friday evening. Leather Bar, Park Hotel. I could have been in one of the Fashion TV parties, except that I was myself quite inappropriately dressed (in sneakers) and sitting in a corner. The two people with me were busy discussing things ranging from God to gadgets. I did not join in because to make myself heard, I would’ve had to raise my over the loud music. So I sat and watched the gorgeous young women snd the restless young men doing cheek to cheek and mingling.

People who chant the “Chennai is conservative” mantra should have been here: I soon lost count of the bare backs and bare thighs. I was still debating whether I should envy those young men when one of the bar boys came with the menu. While going through the list of cocktails, I noticed a few whose names I shall never forget:

1. Buttery Nipples.
2. Between The Legs.
3. Pink Pussy.


Filter Coffee Tours

Just read about Filter Coffee Tours at Sambhar Mafia and then hopped along to see what Filter Coffee Tours offers. The website appears very professional with no irritating pop-ups and other jazz.

As Kaps rightly summarizes,

With the increase in business visitors, tourists and NRIs, there is a definite demand for professional tour operators. Lot of these visitors could look for customized tours and thats where tour operators like Filter Coffee Tours can make a mark.

Filter Coffee Tours sounds worthy of recommendation.

Buhari and eating at midnight

I am told that people in Nagercoil during the 80s had a peculiar way of greeting someone who has made a trip to Chennai. “Did you have the biryani in Buhari?” they would ask. From the way the Chennai visitor replies, the person in Nagercoil would renew his or her own memories of tasting the biriyani.

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