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The Chennai Photowalk – II


As we came out of the Beach Railway Station, we had two options; one to walk along the Burma Bazaar or cross the Road and walk along many landmarks on the North Beach Road. We chose the second option , used the subway and surfaced in front of the Original Skyscraper of Chennai – TIAM House – Murugappa Group Headquarters, presently known as Jesus Calls Towers.

03:11 PM on 03/11 – Defining a moment of Mannady (Chennai)

It was a working day. Some meetings were scheduled. And I had to be present in the Office.

In between I took a break for half an hour. Walked into the Mannady Street to shoot images for 03.11 PM on 03/11 – Defining a moment of Chennai.

The place is close to my Office at Rajaji Salai (North Beach Road).

03.10 to 03.15 PM - Defining a moment of Chennai

03:10:17 – Defining a moment at Chennai

So, there ‘is’ a plan after all!!!

I just stumbled across this site of CMDA. It seems, they do have a plan for Chennai and related development activities. I was really surprised to see that they have plans till 2026. Wow! I didn’t know India was that far-sighted. In the society around us we see so much confusion and chaos that we often lose track of the future. We see the *system* failing miserably at every instance of life here.

They are calling this plan – SECOND MASTER PLAN. The pessimist in me wonders what happened to the First Master Plan. Wonder if it was fully executed.

Vision 2026 is to make Chennai a prime metropolis which will be more livable, economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable and with better assets for the future generations.

Excerpt from the Introduction document


When I missed the 09.20 Train at Thiruvanmiyur Rly Station on 24.10.2007

View of North Beach Road,Chennai

I have a car which I don’t take to the office because of difficulty in getting a parking slot at II Line Beach, parking fee of Rs 20/- for full day and unduly long time taken due to heavy traffic.

I used to go by my TVS Victor to office, till I developed a back ache caused by driving about 35 kms per day.

I found a viable alternative to go to Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station by bike, park my vehicle there and take the MRTS Train to Beach. I found the journey comfortable and fast too. If I start at 9 AM , I will reach the office before 10 AM.

Toll Gate, Meals, and Mini Meals

I have been recently travelling till Toll Gate on a daily basis. I spend my days there. The RBI subway is a cut off point, after that the city changes. Beyond that, Chennai feels like a small town. Since I have been spending my days in Toll Gate, I have been forced to have lunch there.

Being a vegetarian, the numerous biryani shops are out of bounds for me. The area, especially Thiruvathiyur high road is filled with numerous restaurants which claim to serve “High-Class Non Vegetarian” or else Biryani. In other parts of the city, there are a few shops which specialise in biryani, but here almost all shops specialise in non vegetarian food.

What do you do when waiting at Chennai Signals ?

With increasing vehicle population at Chennai, it is a long wait at the Chennai Traffic Signals. What do you do when you are in such a situation ? When I have camera with me, I take photos. I present few images shot at the Chennai Signals

Mass  Rapid Transport System

At Poonamalle High Road on a Sunday Morning two weeks back

The Four Light Houses of Madras (Chennai)

Light Houses (Old), Chennai

The history of the Madras Lighthouse dates back to 1795. In 1796, the roof of the Officers Mess in what is now known as Fort St George, was selected as the site for the first warning beacon. It was nothing more than a large lantern. To be more specific, the first Light House of Chennai functioned (1796 – 1841) at the Building in the Fort St George where the Fort Museum is located.

In a world far, far away

is the old city of Madras. In a world many timelines past, is the city that is my only obsession. Welcome, to Fort. St. George.

If you overlooked the teeming hoards of politicians and white dhotis, this place still manages to look like it jumped right out of S. Muthiah’s books. If you just made the tiniest effort to ignore the dirty, ramshackle tin-walled canteens, this place has the air of being in the 1800s. (It does – that unmistakably musty smell I associate with old temples and older books)

The last couple of weekends, I’ve been spending at the fort, hoping to get some good photographs. Thus far, only St. Mary’s has posed for me. And so, this post will be on her.

IAF Airshow at Chennai – April 22, 2007

Air Show, Chennai on 22042007

Indian Air Force organized a 2 day Air Show at Chennai on April 21 and April 22, 2007 as part of its Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. While the Airshow on April 21, 2007 was for the families of the airmen and a select group of guests at Tambaram, the Airshow on April 22, 2007 was held for the public at Marina Beach.

Panguni Festival at Malligeswarar Temple, Chennai

Mallikeswarar Temple, Chennai

Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan wrote a post on Mallikeswarar Temple in Linghi Chetty Street in Metroblogging Chennai on March 28, 2006.

The Panguni Uthiram Festival is being celebrated now at Mallikeswarar Temple at Linghi Chetty Street in North Chennai.

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