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Cream Centre

A couple of readers asked me what I thought of Cream Centre, the restaurant on Chamiers Road, no no no, R.A.Puram Main Road (how convenient it would be if a road was named the same from starting to ending point!). But, you know, words are sometimes insufficient to recommend some things. Cream Centre must be experienced and I don’t just mean inviting ambience or pleasant service. Ultimately a restaurant retains a following when its food tastes excellent. Cream Centre has gotten that part very right. Go there and you won’t be disappointed.

If you still want a review, I’d recommend reading Ram Viswanathan’s post.

If you are curious about the menu, read it all at the Cream Centre website (’tis vegetarian fare).

Oh, last word, Channa Batura.

Oh, one more, Sizzling Brownie Sundae…Mmmm…

The Big Metroblogging Chennai Lunch Meet

Wouldn’t it have been fun, if it did occur?
It didn’t. Instead, GV Balasubramaniam Chenthil, David and I met for a leisured lunch, at the old haunt – Mathsya, in Egmore. Much fun was had, well, as much fun as 4 people (instead of the promised 8) could. *
We discussed, among other things, the politics of the DMK and Maran family split, failure of the SPIC enterprise, cost of a dosai in Saravana Bhavan Peter’s road vis-a-vis the cost of the same dosai in Saravana Bhavan Dubai (the Dubai outlet is cheaper by about Rs.20) and the business that Sivaji, the boss, will generate. We also discussed the relative merits of ordering an Udupi Thali and the ambitiously named Raja Raja Cholan Dosai. (Perhaps the only time Raja Raja Cholan failed to deliver big on a promise)

We also disussed share market prices and the benefits of going to a real-person broker, but I fail to see what merit it has to the readers of Chennai Metblogs. Oh, well!

Well, then. To the review of Mathsya.

A taste of “God’s Own Country”

The food lover that I am, I try and make it a point to visit one new restaurant every week. This time I turned towards Kumarakom in Adyar for lunch. I leaned towards the fish curry meal, as anyone with coastal roots would. And to spice things up a little, I added a couple of more dishes. A seer fish tawa fry, and a beef fry with coconut pieces. Wait, it wasn’t all for me. There were 2 mouths to feed.

Of course the meal came with its own collection of specialities. The optional Kerala rice. Fish curry. Sambar. Buttermilk laced with ginger and curry leaves. Bitter gourd fry. Avial. “Chemeen podichadh” (I haven’t a clue how else to describe it. Powdered prawns is the literal translation, but that’s not quite it.) And a pink chutney which I didn’t try and therefore can’t throw much light on.

The icing on the cake however wasn’t on the table. He stood at the end of the dining room with a mike in hand, lending an outstanding voice to karaoke tracks of popular Malayalam film songs. Superbly complimenting everything that had been laid out for consumption.

To sum it up, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Dieting? This way please.

Head to your nearest Subway. Order a veg salad. Remember to forget the cheese and calorie laden dressing. Attack.

PS: It’s the finest, freshest salad I’ve had since turning part time veggie.

Momo’s on GN Chetty Road

I ran into some pleasantly suprising fare at this little restaurant on GN Chetty Road. The cuisine is largely Chinese. The portions, large. The food, a delight. The prices, again a delight.

I’ve dined there twice in recent weeks, and on the occasion I ordered Chinese, I remember discovering a few new taste buds. The other time, I had a sizzler. Yes, the menu also features a sprinkling of sizzlers with a dash of the Orient. I had a chicken number, and its culinary qualities are best described by the fact that I ate in absolute silence.

To sum it up.
Good food.
Good service.
Reasonable prices.
Average ambience.
Beer license.

Get to know your chennai city better

A website seems to be picking up attention, which has a mashup tool of Google maps so called Wikimapia, and a wide variety of other choices to search for.
Chennai city

The best part is the events, members seemed to contribute in this section and the navigation is greatly categorized as “All Events”, “what’s going on”, “what’s coming up”, “what’s over”.

Local search is one more important feature, I guess the site has tied up with other search engines/ portals to give you the best results for your city. So next time you want to know the where abouts of a restaurant, this site is a cool place to hang around.

word of mouth one more interesting section where users recommend a service or product – bad and good times.

Ok enough of me telling stories, check out the website

A lunch at Woodlands

Today being Mother’s Day, we decided to have lunch at New Woodlands. For us, going out to have food is something of a rarity as we are usually content eating home-cooked food. So, on this once-in-a-bluemoon visit, we ordered South Indian meals and at Rs. 62 per plate, it was more than we poor-eaters could handle :-). I also saw on the menu-card that carrier meals were priced at Rs. 88 and I figured that would easily be sufficient for three, given our kind of appetite. So, my calculative mind went into overdrive, comparing whether this per head cost at under Rs. 30 per day and under Rs. 900 per month was a better bet than the more expensive cooking routine, which had its share of woes starting with everything from having to purchase groceries and vegetables, arranging them in containers and the fridge respectively, to the daily grind of cooking with associated LPG costs, using a variety of vessels and then having to once again transfer leftovers from the big ones to the small ones etc. But, being the traditionalists that we are, I knew that a “Rhythm” kind of situation was out of the question and in any case, I love home-cooked food any day. The only purpose that restaurants serve as far as I am concerned, is to remind men to give some respite on occasion to the womenfolk, whose never-ending work in the kitchen to put some food on our table at the right times of the day, largely goes unnoticed and in any case, is usually taken for granted. Here is an old link from THE HINDU that has a list of caterers for those of you who don’t have someone (or have someone willing) to cook for you everyday.

Bombay Halwa House

Before I put pen down to paper to write this post I was wondering one thing. How on earth did I miss writing about Bombay Halwa all this while. I can say for sure that this is one place I have eaten more than at home. And this ain’t no joke. For starters who are wondering what this Bombay Halwa House is about, here it goes: It is a restaurant, atleast 25 years old, about 50metres from Luz Signal towards Vidya Mandir School. Their hallmark – Samosas and Chapathis. Their Halwas are good. Not for nothing they would call it the Bombay Halwa House.

Buhari and eating at midnight

I am told that people in Nagercoil during the 80s had a peculiar way of greeting someone who has made a trip to Chennai. “Did you have the biryani in Buhari?” they would ask. From the way the Chennai visitor replies, the person in Nagercoil would renew his or her own memories of tasting the biriyani.

Watching sports live

Does anyone know the restaurants and bars in chennai, where one can watch ESPN-Star over a drink or dinner? Manchester United is playing Chelsea this sunday, and it promises to be an exciting match. I remember watching some matches and races in Park Sheraton and GRT Grand Days.

Some of my friends are coming to chennai this weekend, and they want to catch the action live. Staying in a star hotel is not an option they are looking at. Please drop in the names of the restaurants/bars you know, that telecast matches live.

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