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Bargaining for the Deathly Hallows

By now, we know we can’t escape Pottermania even if we are hiding away in a corner in Chennai. As the news goes, July 21st is the day when the last of the Harry Potter books releases. Titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this book is expected to see the battle unto death between Lord Voldemort and the young wizard Potter. Anyway, what is interesting is that two months ahead (in fact much earlier), Chennai’s bookstores offer various bargains to entice the reader to pre-order copies.

Rathna Store & Gift Coupons

The talk of Pondy Bazaar reminds me …did you know that Rathna Stores, of the stainless and plastics fame, now has gift coupons? This means that for all those what to gift them kind of Grihapraveshams and Weddings, you now have an option. A very useful option. Who wouldn’t find the need to buy stuff for the home?

Venturing into the heart of Saravana Stores

A year ago, I was wondering, in ignorance, at the mystery of some things.

A year later, much of the mystery remains, yet some of that sarcasm vanishes.

Despite the holiday crowd and all, a month ago, I went to visit Saravana Stores on a Saturday afternoon with no particular list or agenda other than idle curiosity. The place has some eight floors, a basement that may or may not have been counted in the eight, and hundreds of employees. Also two huge elevators that can hold at least fifteen people but for our Indian practice of attempting to squeeze more out of everything. So yeah, you might find yourself being flooded by breath while you are breathless. Packed like sardines is the expression I think…

Books at a Bargain

Now, bargain it might be called, good or bad depends on what you are looking for and what you end up finding. Chenthil alerted me to this sale and indicated that paperbacks of thrillers were available at great deals.

Fast Forward >> April 20, 2007

The dreams are two-toned: braided earrings, bamboo patterned bangles, rhodium coating surfacing here and there on the jewellery, we must choose elite neck wear, those Khazana types are so passe says the friendly voice that floats overhead. L wakes up to an early sunrise; the sun is in a hurry too. Fresh filter coffee is offered to the husband and purchasing plans are slyly weaved into the first conversation. Or the plans are explained bluntly, I shall go and make my selection. Will you come along later or shall I swipe the add-on to your card? Or independent woman L announces, I am going jewellery shopping today. Let me see if I find a matching ring for you.

Traffic jam at 7:30 in the morning. L swears softly and waves aside passers-by in impatience. Or L smiles and waits patiently, dreaming of diamonds; but wait, isn’t the auspiciousness only for gold? When in doubt one must call an expert and who better informed on market trends than grandpa. Of course the pick of the year is platinum. Don’t you read The Hindu? fumes grandpa as she disturbs his morning newspaper reading ritual. I don’t know why you and that grandson of mine insist on reading The Indian Express. L thinks of saying suda suda news or something equally cheesy in defence of The New Indian Express but she lets the urge pass. So many patterns to keep in mind, so many shops to walk in and out of. And the crowds! Good Lord, she mutters as she finds the road packed with policemen. I am sure The Hindu would have mentioned special bandobast. She hurries in the direction of GRT, oh no, not that crowded one in Usman Road, but the new one in North Usman. Maybe, just maybe, after buying the rhodium coated bangles she will cross the road to Sundari Silks and find a matching saree to wear it with.

National Art & Crafts Exhibition


If you are art and crafts lover, there is an exhibition at Annanagar, near roundtana, next to Bata showroom. Crafts made of terracotta, wood and black metal are available.

The exhibition is till 23rd of March 2007.
Well I found the place little expensive or I should say, that I couldn’t afford to buy the one I liked.

Big Daddy of Bazaars

Here is another perspective on the small shop owners and how they reacted 2 weeks before. Sorry for the delay in making the post.

Why did the small shop owners protest?
Why was there a delay in the protest by shop owners?
What is it for the Public?

Click on the image to have larger version

Front view of the Notice

Big Bazaar at Chennai

Big Bazaar, Chennai

After creating waves in other cities, Big Bazaar is here in Chennai at Vadapalani very close to the Saligramam Signal.

Filter Coffee Tours

Just read about Filter Coffee Tours at Sambhar Mafia and then hopped along to see what Filter Coffee Tours offers. The website appears very professional with no irritating pop-ups and other jazz.

As Kaps rightly summarizes,

With the increase in business visitors, tourists and NRIs, there is a definite demand for professional tour operators. Lot of these visitors could look for customized tours and thats where tour operators like Filter Coffee Tours can make a mark.

Filter Coffee Tours sounds worthy of recommendation.

Madras Unlimited – the many markets of Madras

Continuing the Madras Unlimited series
Today, I am not going to talk of a particular locality, as much as a particular feature. The many, many markets of Madras – old, new, produce, metal, all-in-all, and what not.
I can, off the top of my head name about 10 localities in Chennai, each of which has a very crowded, very frequented market area. And most of these markets claim they have been around for 50-100 years, at the very least.

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